How does Nadaistics work?


In the course of the workshops, participants will be introduced to the term Nada. They will create drawings, texts or other types of contributions. Each workshop can be held either in a small group or with a whole class, and takes place on the premises of the respective organisation (school, university, cultural institution, nursing home, etc.). I run the workshops myself, but also hold training courses for teachers in order for them to be able to participate independently in Nadaistics with their classes.

Contact details / registration

Thank you for your interest. Registration is completed.

Where can you download teaching materials?

Once you have successfully registered, you can download teaching materials from the website for free. Teachers are then in a position to conduct the workshops themselves. Please send me by mail contributions produced in the course of the workshops, together with the completed and signed consent forms.

Nadaistics archive

I collect contributions from different countries for the Nadaistics archive. For that reason the works created in the course of the workshops will become part of the archive, provided that participants or their legal guardians agree to that.

Will every work be exhibited?

Each drawing, text or copy of a book that is archived will be part of Nadaistics. Selected works will be shown in the online gallery. Only works that have been archived can be presented there. Copies of documents that are stored in the archive will be on display at library exhibitions.

Artist’s drawings

Artist’s drawings that are downloaded from may only be used for the Nadaistics project, and are exclusively available for private use.

Consent form

In order for works from the archive to be presented and exhibited, legal guardians need to sign a consent form for participants under legal age. Participants of legal age sign the consent form themselves. The form is available for download on the website.

Duration of workshops

The No Place workshop takes one double period. The Nadate Yourself! workshop can be held in two or three lessons. The Private Nada workshop lasts a total of eight lessons and takes place on two or three separate dates.

How can you make a personal contribution without attending a workshop?

You would like to participate in Nadaistics, but not attend a workshop? Please contact me using the contact details / registration form.

Postal address for sending me mail

Thank you for your interest. Registration is completed.