Nadate yourself!

In this workshop, participants will learn what underlies the idea of Nadate yourself! Some of the questions that will be discussed are: How does society define nothing? Is Nothing something negative, does it have positive aspects? What are the values of our society? Does “having nothing” automatically imply “being nothing”? Must everything endure?

Participants will compose work through a combination of pictures and texts, drawings, posters or texts, addressing what Nadate yourself! means to them. This workshop can be held during both art or language classes.

The concept Nadate yourself! will be explained with several basic principles. The motto reads: turn everything inside out! Deplete yourself! Participants will get a chance to speak and discuss questions. Following the introduction, they will first create notes and drafts, which will then be elaborated into art works. If the workshop is conceived as a writing workshop, participants will produce texts. The aim of Nadate yourself! is to make participants realise that it is the person admitting Nothing who gains something.

Duration of workshop: 2 to 3 teaching units