Nada is an opportunity

Everyone, whether an adult, adolescent or child, has experience of nada in the course of their lifetime. Nada is part of ourselves. Based on that understanding, I have developed the Nadaistics art project.

So, what does the term nada actually mean? Nothing? Emptiness? Or hope? A possibility? Nadaistics spans a variety of different aspects. While nada means ‘nothing’ or ‘nothingness’ in Spanish and Portuguese, it means ‘hope’ in Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian.

I understand the intangible to be something valuable. Nothing is not an insufficiency for me, but rather an opportunity. Nadaistics seeks to give space to this idea and draws together various contributions regarding what nada can be. 52 institutions (universities, schools, social institutions) in twelve countries participated in this project. The Nadaistics archive comprises 1567 contributions.

Petra Sterry