Nada is an opportunity

Everyone has experience of Nada in the course of their lifetime, whether an adult, adolescent or child. Nada is part of ourselves. Based on that understanding I have developed the Nadaistics art project.

So what does the term Nada mean actually? Nothing? Emptiness? Or hope? A possibility? I had already been exploring the idea of Nada for a long time in my own artistic work. I understand the intangible to be something valuable. Nothing is not an insufficiency for me, but rather an opportunity. Nadaistics seeks to give space to this idea and draws together various contributions regarding what Nada can be. Whilst nada means nothing / nothingness in Spanish and Portuguese, in Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian nada stands for hope. Nadaistics gathers together the variety of different aspects.

Nadaistics is a Fuzzy Art project. Fuzzy Art is an artistic practice where the focus is not on the classical oeuvre of an artist but where instead the participants’ contributions form the work. Nadaistics was an international two-year project comprising 1,567 works.

Petra Sterry